Monday, August 8, 2011

Life Update

Our summer has been crazy again like normal, we really haven't did anything fun since our last post. Lyle is just super busy working, no jobs have fallen through for him so he is still just working his brains out at the shop, on the ambulance and being Chief. I'm really ready for a change but I don't know where or when it will happen. Sometimes it really gets me down but I just have to have faith that all will work out and I truly believe that it will.
Danika is getting super excited for Kindergarten and I can't wait for her to goes as well, Linkin gets to go to preschool this year with Ms Tamera he also can't stop talking about it! Mackley is getting so big! Can't believe she will be 3 months old next week! I haven't taken her to the dr since june so I have no idea how much she weighs but hopefully I will get around to it for her 4 month check up, she really needs to get vaccinated I just don't like hurting my baby with shots.
Best news of all though is my mom will be home in a 8 days! Can't wait to have her back but I wish Quinn was coming with! I'm so sad to see Monica leave as well it's always nice to have friends to hang out with when lyle's working! Hopefully next time I will have pictures for you!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Our life updates!

 Our lives have been busy like normal, went camping last weekend up green canyon it was a blast! sorry this picture is blurry, my friend Crystal made this cute hat for Mackley!

 Hyrum Dam for the Earl Reunion it was so fun the kids loved the water and tubing was there fav.Thank you Uncle Mike for letting them hang out on the boat and for taking them tubing!

 Best Buds!
 Linkin and his crazy dog!
 Fell Asleep at Black and White days in his chair!
 Danika got up on stage and was showing off her moves!
Picture of her Dance Recital!!

That's what been going on

Family update: Quinn is slowing getting closer, started walking a little and will be there most likely another year, no good at all.

Grandma J pasted away almost 2 wks ago, sad to see her go but glad she is with grandpa.

Lindsay is currently at U of U hospital because the baby has Poly Cystic Kidney disease and she fell today so they took her there as a pre caution hopefully she will make it to 36 wks then they will do a C section because of the placenta previa, poor girl keep her and baby mason in your prayers!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mackley Bair

                                                 Born: May 16th, 2011 at 12:47 pm
                                                              Weight: 6 lbs 12 oz
                                                              Length: 19 inches long

Everything went really well, I was so nervous about getting started! I know lots of people have it done and I have heard so many pros and cons that I just didn't know what to think but I thought that it wasn't bad at all.
I arrived at the hospital at 5:15 on monday morning where they got me checked in. I was dilated to a 2 and 70 percent effaced. She started me on pitocin at around 6 and got the antibotic in me as well. They told me I had to wait 2 to 3 hrs for them to break my water so that the baby wouldn't get the Group B Strep which I carry. So at 9:30 my dr came in to break my water. I was at 3 cm and the baby was at a stage -1 position. I was feeling really good, the contractions were super light and so I decided to not get an epidural unless I really needed it. The doctor told me that my cervix felt kinda hard for someone who has had children before and so it was gonna take a while for it to soften. This scared me into thinking about an epidural but I just kept it as an option in the back of my head.  My nurse told me I could get fetinol if the pain got to bad and I needed something to take the edge off for an hr or so but only if I wasn't to a 7 yet and I had atleast an hr before I was to deliver. I told her I would keep that in mind but I was truly feeling great. At about 11:30 she checked me again I was at a 4 and about 90 percent effaced with the baby at stage 0.
Still feeling really good I decided to keep going without, at noon she decided to put a pressure gauge around the babys head to monitor how hard my contractions were. It was a little painful mainly because she couldn't get it in and so it took a couple really good contractions until she was done I was still at a 4 but complete effaced and baby was at a +1 station. After they put the gauge on the contractions got super painful, I asked for some fetinol to take the edge off. She went to go grab me some, I couldn't believe how fast they begun to really hurt. I told lyle that i really thought i needed to get the epidural because I hurt so bad. When she came back with the medicine I had a feeling to ask her to check me before she gave it to me. She acted a little annoyed but she did it anyways. From the look on her face I thought I hadn't progressed at all but she was like you are ready to push! I was so glad it was close to the end and I was doing it! So they got the dr in there and she was born quickly after. Super easy to deliver since she was already crowning by the time the dr got there. I couldn't believe that in less than 30 minutes I went from a 4 to a 10! It was crazy, i'm so glad that I made it without the epidural it was intense towards the end but overall I really enjoyed it! I will no longer complain about people getting started, I find it almost a blessing that I did because I would of stayed home to long I'm sure and then this baby would probably been delivered at the door or right after we got there, which I feel is almost more traumatic then getting started.
So glad that everything went so well and that my delivery was quite quick for the most part!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting Started

Well I guess I could post that the plan is to get started sometime tomorrow. I'm not to excited about it, hopefully I will go fast and not have any complications. Wish me luck!

Can't wait to see my little girl!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting close!

Down to 3 weeks can't believe it! I had pictures of easter to post and just didn't get to them sorry! It wasn't anything spectular this year I'm getting to be really cheap and conservative but I don't think kids need toys for easter so they got a new outfit and some candy! It was simple but the kids loved it!

Well we will keep you posted on the baby when it gets here! So excited to see her!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Month

Today makes it offically one month since Quinn got injured! Where does the time go?

Saturday, March 26, 2011


 This was taken yesterday before his surgery! I love this kid!!
 This is the Powless Guest House where we stayed, it's a army hotel. Really nice rooms, they take such good care of you there!
 This building is my favorite, it's the Center for the Intrepid. This is where quinn will probably go to get his physical therapy. The building looks so cool!
 This is the hospital where he is staying, It's huge and they are adding more rooms to it! The hospital is specialized in Orthopedics, that's why they sent Quinn there.
 The front of the Center for the Intrepid's building!
 Angie my sister in law sent this to Quinn while we were there! I love it!
 Isn't he so good looking? I just love him so much! He won't smile with his teeth showing, i wonder if it's because his tooth is chipped although you can't tell that much!
 We took one afternoon and went to the Alamo, it was so cool! The architecture was amazing.
 This is the Wounded Warrior and Family Support Center! This place is awesome, they do so much for the familes and warriors that are there. They are constantly giving free food away and bottled water! Which was well needed in the heat!
 Side view of the WWFSC!
The Riverwalk, it was so gorgeous! This was my favorite thing to see, site seeing wise that is! I just loved being with Quinn. It was hard to come home and leave him there. I'm so thankful my mom and dad are there to watch over and take care of him. I miss him already! Hoping that the next couple of months go by quickly.

He had surgery yesterday on his right heel. It was the worst one, and it was as bad as they thought. They were able to fix it but he has been in alot of pain since then. He was up most of the night in pain, it makes me cry to think of him in pain. Please continue to pray for him!!